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Welcome to the all-in-one sermon writing tool dedicated to pastors who love to preach. Write, research, plan, and share your sermons – with Sermonly.

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Sermon research with the help of AI

Sermonly's AI integration provides pastors with an advanced tool for simplifying research for sermons and generating outlines, character studies, and modern-day examples of biblical topics. With this feature, Sermonly empowers pastors to craft compelling sermons that engage and inspire their congregation.

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Built by Pastors for Pastors

Sermonly was created to help pastors save time, stay organized, and research smarter. We offer features built specifically for pastors to give you the best sermon-writing experience so that you can deliver impactful sermons with ease.

Write and Store

Keep all your sermons in one centralized location.

AI Researcher

Leverage cutting-edge technology to simplify your sermon research. (Coming Soon)

Add Snippets

Pull relevant content from websites, digital books, and more.

Read Only

With read only mode you don’t have to worry about accidentally editing your sermon while preaching.

Bible Built-in

Easily access various Bible translations as you write your sermons.


Set up templates to help create sermons based on your style.


Import your sermons from Word, Pages or Txt files to store all of your sermons in one place.


Incorporate tags to make searching your sermons easier.

The best sermon writing experience — ever.

Write and store your sermons with ease

Sermonly offers pastors a convenient and centralized solution for sermon writing, allowing you to write and store their sermons in one place. With Sermonly, pastors can easily access and manage their sermon library, ensuring that their valuable sermons are organized, secure, and readily available whenever needed.

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Snippets give your sermon superpowers

Snippets in Sermonly are a powerful tool that allows pastors to collect and organize information from multiple digital sources into their Snippet library and easily add it to your sermon. With Snippets, pastors can quickly and easily add content to their sermons, saving them time and effort in the sermon writing process.

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