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We're building the all-in-one, FREE sermon writing tool dedicated to pastors who love to preach. Write, research, plan, and share your sermons – with Sermonly.

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Sermonly is a new beginning in sermon writing.

We reinvented sermon writing from the ground up: creating a new way to research, plan, write, and deliver your sermons.

Sermonly is an all-in-one sermon writing tool for pastors who love to preach: We are revolutionizing the way sermons are being written. With Sermonly, you can focus on writing your best sermon. All from a neat, minimal space.

The best sermon writing experience – ever.

Writing a sermon is hard but the software you use to write it in shouldn't be. We've created Sermonly to be a breeze to use because it was designed for writing sermons.

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Easily Organize and Store Your Sermons

Let's keep sermons organized and easy to access. No more losing Word files or trying to hunt through Dropbox to find your sermon.

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Social is at the core

We want to connect 1,000s of preachers together. So, you can write better sermons together.

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Snippets Give Your Sermon Superpowers

The all-in-one tool dedicated to pastors who love to preach.Explore, prioritize, plan, deliver, and communicate your sermons – with Sermonly.

But wait, there's more...

Everywhere you are..

Sermonly is available on desktop, web and mobile so you can write sermons wherever you want to.

With read only mode you don't have to worry about accidently editing your sermon while preaching.

Read Only

Never worry about saving...

With sermonly you'll never have to worry about pushing the save button we automatically save.

Powerful Actions

Actions add superpowers to your sermon writing experience. Verses, thesesarus, treasury of Scripture knowledge... done.

You favorite version of the Bible is built into our powerful editor.

Bible Built In

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